Mobile App Platformfor Marketing and Work Efficiency

Appabrik is a one-stop mobile app platform. 

With Appabrik, marketing and operational optimization can be easily realized.

Who is the Solution for?

Our current app is NOT EFFECTIVE

I want to use an app for marketing

I want to use an app to improve work efficiency

Appabrik is a simpler mobile application managemant platform for marketing and work efficiency improvement.

Appabrik provides functions for managing applications at one stop.

Speedy production

・Quick development

・iPhone/Android simultaneously

Easy management

・Create contents

・Push notifications delivery

Easy Analysis and Improvement

・analysis of visit number and customer segmentation

・change / add in-app fuctions

Various support to maximize the result

・Onlie-chat support

・Effective contents proposal


Simple and intuitive managing screen for ANYONE

Managing apps is not complicated. Our online team will support you if you want to ask anything.

Demo screen for quick creation and release

"Do they get what I want?"

"How far has the developpement proceed?"

Have you ever felt such ways as development started?

With Appabrik, you can see the actual demo while developping. 

Linkable to own websites or services

Easily compatible with CRM, point systems, EC services, etc.

Change design and add functions anytime!Unlimited modification for a fixed price

"Just a little update but very time consuming..."

"Every time I add a feature, it costs more"

Have you ever felt such dilenmmas after releasing apps?

You can add and improve functions anytime for quicker PDCA cycle.

We will help your marketing and work efficiency improvement using App

Ask anything via online-chat.

Staffs with app development experiences will propose effective screen design.



eCommerce apps, sales promotions apps, media apps, etc.

Native app's smooth user experience and push notifications will improve existing customers' sastisfication. 

Work efficiency

In-house business app, in-house newsletter apps, etc.

Improve work efficiency by accessing to in-house information via app. Protected by password-less authentication.







Tell us what you need in your app and we make a quotation.

Management & Improvement

Add contents or functions anytime based on the analysis results.


Production ~ Release

Quick app producton shown in a demo app, and relase in short time.


Feel free to contact us for app consultations or quotations. We will get in touch within a few days.

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